RYO Tobacco

Roll-Your-Own Cigarettes and Pipe Tobacco

Have you ever heard of roll-your-own cigarettes? At Smoker’s Express, you can purchase top quality tobacco products and roll paper for your RYOs. Whether you are just trying something new or have been smoking for a long time we have you covered.

What Are RYOs?

Roll-your-own cigarettes refer to hand-rolled loose tobacco in paper or pre-tubes. The tobacco is sold as a pouch, sometimes with rolling papers provided. You can also buy loose filters for your rolled cigarette.

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Why Choose RYO?

Compared to commercial cigarettes or machine-made ones, RYOs are certainly cheaper and practical. It allows you to choose the kind of tobacco and quality of paper that you will use for your cigarettes. Additionally, you can even customize it by using flavors based on your taste.

Get in Touch

If you are interested in switching to our RYOs, you can purchase them in any of our stores in Central Pennsylvania. You may also contact us for inquiries and concerns about what we offer.